March 20, 2006

Handgun Fun

Shooting bowling pins with a pistol!
Looking forward to balmier weather, in spite of the current late snowstorm, the old feeder was cleaning his hardware and thinking of plinking. So what do I find over at the Gunscribe's From the Heartland blog but a post about pinshooting! I'll have to admit that I have done a great deal of 'just for fun' shooting, but I have never participated in any civilian form of organized shooting.

The old feeder has a thing about 'signing up' for anything. I don't like to be 'listed'. Hence, local club memberships are right out the window. You probably aren't similarly impeded and if you would like to have a bit of sport with a handgun, check out this nifty pastime. It looks like good, clean family fun to me.

Weapons! Good for Work or Play!

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