March 03, 2006

A few good blog reads

similar noses - emphasis added
Angela swats at Cindy Sheehan and gets in some collateral damage to a commie dictator with her post: Cindy and Hugo, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! At least the left's favorite fake wasn't using her gestures of doom.

St Wendeler at Another Rovian Conspiracy pulls the old switcheroo and turns a pro-abortion argument into an anti gun control argument. Waiting periods for firearms but not for abortion. I wonder if the libs will want a waiting period when they get their way with euthanasia?

Abe at Don't let Me Stop You has his eyes opened to the understandably prevalent wishful thinking that would have us believe that Islam is the "Religion of Peace". Grizzly Mama's post about the CAIR meeting she attended does the job for Abe. Almost all the Moslems I have met (and I lived in Moslem country for years) were just plain folks; some were good, some not so good. But the nitty gritty dogma of their religion is far from peaceful or good.

That charming couple, Vince and Merri, have ordered the Manifesto for Two from the same folks that brought the word fatwa to our attention. Sign it and die, the Islamists threaten, but Vince has been trying for a fatwa for ages. I understand you can get one from most neighborhood Islamic Centers. For a nominal fee, you get a fancy one, suitable for framing.

Reading a little Omaha style liberalism , (which is more palatable than the brand found on the coasts) just got easier. Ryan the angry Midget has added some partners in crime and re-designed his blog. Now even presbyopic old cats with cataracts like the feeder can read his stuff comfortably.

Have a nice weekend for me, I have other plans.

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