March 24, 2006

Islam, Religion of Peace or Monstrous Death Cult

Abdul Rahman: Man of The Book
Michelle Malkin has been following the looming fate of accused apostate, Abdul Rahman. See her great posts: The Religion Of Pieces, Condi Rice Calls Karzai and Free Abdul Rahman. This Afghan gent took it upon himself to convert from Mohammedanism to Christianity. As if this wasn't enough to piss off the Imams, he also seems to feel the call to bear witness to his new faith. This really rankles the Islamo-cultist death priests, who ordinarily will tolerate the most disgusting behavior as long as you keep quiet about it.

The Sharia law, now in effect in Afghanistan, the nation Americans bled to free from the Taliban and the terrs, calls for Rahman to be put to death for his conversion. The bloodthirsty mullahs are insisting on killing this poor chump; they must re-assert their insidious influence before Western style freedom strips them of their status. How shameful it must be to these throwback misogynists to be scolded by Condi Rice!

What is wrong with these folks? We find it unthinkable to roll back human progress to the middle ages, when American white folks' ancestors were burning heretics and breaking men on the wheel in Europe. But that is just what these idiot cultists want to do. Worse yet, they want to drag the rest of us into the brutish past along with them. Only a mad death cult would wish such horrors on humanity.
Update: Michelle Malkin thinks this particular ugly cat can be stuffed back into the bag in a few hours time. Even though the mad Mohammedan cult priests-who-interpret-the-law are howling for death to those who dare "switch". I suppose that, if we can stop this one particular manifestation of Sharia, we can go back to our delusion that these cats are 'just like us' and their Mohammedan madness is a 'religion of peace.' Like this stuff doesn't happen all the time in those countries where this barbarous code is endemic or has come to supplant more wholesome mores. What nation would be foolish enough to let this so-called Law from God get a foothold?

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