March 24, 2006

Nebraska Governor's Race: why change now?

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman
The old feeder has been asked why he didn't blog the first debate between the candidates for Governor of Nebraska. The main reason is that I can't stand to watch political debates, so I didn't watch it. I read the news, and got a good summary of the debates over at Nebraska Citizen. If you don't know about it already, Nebraska Citizen is doing a bang-up job of covering Nebraska politics. This post is mostly a reprint of a comment the feeder left at the House of Hosh.

Why do I think we should keep our current Governor, Dave Heineman? There are things I like about Governor Heineman. (His Cuba mission isn't one of them.) His concern for Nebraska is evident, he knows the job, works hard at it, and he isn't too quick to try to change things just for the sake of 'progress'. I think it would be better for Nebraska to stay with him now. He has done a creditable job, considering he "fell into the job."

Coach Osborne is a swell cat, a great Nebraskan, and he has done a good job for our state as a Congressman. He should come home to a position of honor. Whatever he does, I trust it will be wholesome and beneficial. The office of Governor isn't a position of honor so much as it is a position of responsibility.

Osborne hasn't given me any reason to think we should change horses in midstream. I have no idea about Mr. Nabity. At least Gov. Heineman has taken a stand (the right one, I think) on the OPS takeover scheme. I have had good experiences in dealing with his office, much as I enjoyed with his predecessor, Mike Johanns, now a member of Bush's cabinet.

I say we should stick with Dave Heineman for Governor of Nebraska. Maybe its just a case of keeping the 'devil you know', or, as Hosh would put it, "Voting for the least worst."

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