April 14, 2006

Angst macht Frei

Moon Rise Last Evening
This week's full moon marks the beginning of soil preparation and planting here at the feedlot. I expect to be too busy for very much blogging. That is just as well, because the news is starting to make me sick. People in general are not only No Good , but downright stupid as well. Add to that a number of us who seem to be stuck on wicked. I have quit reading and watching the news again. I'm even deleting e-mails from my self-described "Liberal Democrat" cousin in Ohio unread. Blood is thicker than water, but it isn't thicker than politics. People Are No Good. (Link to philosophical hot air supporting this thesis.)

Here's a timely tip: don't forget to shake out your shoes and clothes. Look them over before putting them on. You don't want one of these to bite you. Bugs are no good either. Time to take my nerve pill and get back to work.

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