April 17, 2006

Matt Attack

Exxon Chairman Lee Raymond's fat chin
I happened to hear Drudge on the radio last nite whining about the Exon chief Lee Raymond retiring with $400m, as if that little pile of dough would affect gas prices to the tune of one red cent. I don't know squat about the jowly Exon dude but he's got to be at least a little more fun to be around than mad Matt.

So Matt, speaking as one who once sold a pint of blood to put gas in his car to go look for a job, take a tip from an old fool here at the Plains Feeder. Learn to laugh at yourself and your stupid-ass Drudge Report (which I'll continue to read because you're good at it). You said Mr Exon doesn't have a conscience, which presumes he doesn't share your elevated moral stature. Excuse me while I fart. When the day is done, Mr Drudge, we're all going to look like dried up turds at the edge of the feedlot. So if your self-righteous whimpering makes you feel good so be it, but it doesn't impress me a damn bit. Now get the hell out of here and get back to work.

I think PT's got the right idea by getting outside and digging into the earth as she warms up for another year. Us humans are somethin' else. Evolution hasn't reached its peak with us....Hope I wasn't too hard on Drudge. I'm pretty much just like him; in fact I think that's him at the other end of the manure spreader. Wish I could say I smell a little nicer than he does but that would be hard to prove, even if he is making all that money.

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