April 06, 2006

Camping in America

From Fausta I see that the ACLU doesn't want the Boy Scouts to camp on government land because they discriminate against gays. And from the Militant Islam Monitor I see that the Muslim Youth Camps of America has leased 114 acres of land in Iowa for 25 yrs at a price of $1, and intends to build facilities worth nearly $1,000,000.

The Monitor also points out potential church-state problems and the MYCA's ties to Islamic extremism. Living in northwest Iowa I was unaware of the strong Muslim presence on the other side of the state, nor did I know that the oldest mosque in America is located in Cedar Rapids, not far from the proposed Camp Heritage.

Will the MYCA Camp Heritage be similar to the YMCA tradition as its abbreviation was meant to convey? Or will be be more like Islamberg near Hancock, New York? This is a place where large caliber weapons are fired on a regular basis and the Muslims who run it make a point of intimidating their infidel neighbors. Neighbors who would gladly move away if they could only find buyers for their property that nobody wishes to live on.

Camp Heritage is to be the first in a network of similar camps across the country. Given the federal government owns only 0.8% of Iowa land (only Connecticut is lower at 0.5%) they should have no trouble accomplishing this. The feds own 47% of California, for example, 50.6% of Wyoming, 66.5% of Utah, and so on.

So who owns America, besides the federal government? We worry a lot about "the rich" and their excesses and the things they get away with, and we don't like outlaw squatters in national forests who grow marijuana, not to mention all the Mexicans among us these days, but I think a much larger problem is looming and that it could be well out of control before enough of us have faced up to it.

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