April 09, 2006

We should deport these bums

Take Names
This disrespect for our laws and our flag is outrageous. These Mexicans and their hopes for a better life in America have been hijacked by cats with plans that bode ill for both the Mexicans and the United States. You can see pictures of some of them posted here by the feeders favorite: Michelle Malkin. Some of these miscreants, like the Che-mmunists, want to ruin the very aspects of America that made it attractive to the Mexicans in the first place. Others, such as the Aztlanists, insidiously distort the traditional American concept of diversity as symbolized by the 'melting pot'; they would convert America into another Mexico. You can see these and more, (including even some sorry-assed "Black Panthers") in the pictures Michelle has posted.

These interlopers only sour any sympathy I might have had for decent, hard-working Mexicans who were lulled into the crime of illegal immigration by years of US neglect of it's own border. For decades, there has been a de-facto legalization of their crime. We are supposed to call them 'undocumented' instead of 'illegal', as if they were only guilty of having left their immigration papers in their other pants. We are supposed to let the kids out of school to watch hate-mongers disrespect the flag as they trash our nation's laws , curse it's institutions and threaten our leaders. These big demonstrations don't scare me or move me. I take that back, they do move me. I am moved to suggest that we deport them as fast as we can catch 'em, and spend what it takes to prevent their return.
Update: MM says the Mohammedans are muscling in on the Mexicans' cause. Everyone who hates America is jumping on the immigration bandwagon. The Mexicans are certainly big suckers for letting this happen to their demo. We might as well tar them all with the same brush, its too late to try to sort them out. For analysis, check out this post at All Things Beautiful.
New slogan:
¡No lo creo!

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