April 27, 2006

Canadian crap causes quirky computer crash

Insulting Canadian Error Message
The main Feedlot computer crashed out a couple days ago. It is back up and running now, no thanks to the 'new and improved' software controls for the ATI graphics card (with the built in TV and mucho RAM). The rotten ATI software caused my newly patched Windows XP installation to lose it's tenous grasp on functionality. A nasty BSOD, an errant click and even my BIOS lost its memory. After that, it would not even beep, let alone boot. I sorta fixed it, but now I have to look at the message copied above every time I boot up. And, like the stupid message says, I can't access many of the tweaks the fancy graphics card offers.

My next build will use nVidia graphics to run my flight sims. No more Canuck computer components for me.

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