April 26, 2006

The sky is falling

Al Gore's Car of the Future
Al 'Chicken Little' Gore's new flick An Inconvenient Truth will be released on May 24. As it's designed to scare us into believing the theory of global warming the release date at the beginning of summer hardly seems a coincidence.

Mark Steyn has taken a few shots at Al and his fellow yardbirds. It seems Al is even behind the curve in his own flock who have decided that global warming may have peaked in 1998, therefore they've decided to call it simply "climate change". That way whatever happens will be the fault of vehicle emissions and an excuse to get the government involved.

Don't let Al fool you into thinking he deserves a cut out of your gas money to build bicycle paths. Let him and his bike riders pay for it themselves. And let me say I've got nothing against people riding bikes to work. It's got to be good for you as long as you're not doing it to please that angry old Democrat who's still trying to make some kind of difference using your tax dollars.

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