April 25, 2006

Women to admire

I could do a full paragraph of naming names, but there are three who I've come to depend on and perhaps it's no accident that they each have an international aura about them. They are Michelle Malkin, Fausta Wertz and Alexandra von Maltzan. In my mind they are tireless sentries who have their eyes and ears attuned to issues that I consider to be the greatest threats to these United States.

I'm a house painter and a shade tree mechanic. I drank too much, indulged too much and usually feel like I accomplished too little. My appreciation of these women doesn't mean that I think I'm like them or would even feel comfortable talking to them for any length of time. It's more like the feeling I get from watching a raptor circling overhead, if the raptor had a blog and could tell me what it saw from up there.

But that's just me. PT's another breed of cat. Sometimes I think He's a raptor but of course that's another story.

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