May 20, 2006

Intolerant Libs

Because I sympathize with many conservatives, some folks imagine that the old feeder is a narrow-minded, prejudiced bigot. I am not. I don't believe that conservative views on politics and free market economics makes a cat a bigot.

My belief that most people are either inherently beastly, or are at least ambivalent to right and wrong, does not make me hate humanity. I are one. But I'm not afraid to make jokes about the foibles and failings of my fellows. Nor am I particularly thin-skinned about the mention of my own.

Still, it is hard to feel good about sharing what is left of our clean air and water with cats that write this kind of crap about Michelle Malkin. Now it seems that it isn't just e-mail from drooling moonbat jack-offs , but so-called mainstream blogs making Asian whore jokes about her. If you can call Wonkette anything but tripe.

I thought only conservative, right-wing white Christian Republicans could be bigots. I guess I should have noticed all the liberals, Democrats and their apologists making racist Condoleeza Rice jokes, cartoons and stories that peaked at the time she was named Secretary of State.

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