May 21, 2006

Plains Feeder helps denounce Che Chic

For the Che idolizers on your shit list
The old feeder's design, based on this blog post (with the addition of an eye catching blood stain) has been made into the t-shirts pictured above. Val Prieto of the very excellent Babalu Blog saw the design and asked if he could use it in his anti-castro activities. I despise castro. Anything I can do to help... Well, Val is now selling these shirts to help fund the Cuba Nostalgia Convention. The convention, which Michelle Malkin describes as "commemorating the best of the island nation before fidel castro destroyed it", looks like an enjoyable event, to judge from the blog coverage.

As Val puts it, "Help a brother out, buy a damn tshirt. Or, put your money where my mouth is." We at the Plains Feeder already 'gave at the office'.
Addendum: I don't think there are very many che guevara tee shirt wearing idiots here in Nebraska. I can't recall having seen one recently. Maybe they wear them on campus at the various universities and colleges. In my college days, it wasn't unusual to see students with Che books and pictures. But, in those bad old days, some students also carried NVA flags and burned the Armory. It 's good to live in a Red State.
Update: Val reports that the image of che - even dead che - is still too disturbing for some. The commie bum earned every bit of this hate. On a more positive note, Felix I. Rodriguez, the CIA cat that hunted down che, appeared at the Cuba Nostalgia Convention. Babalu bloggers Henry "Conductor" Gomez and George Moneo describe meeting the man. Bay of Pigs, anyone?

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