May 24, 2006

Nebraska Crop Report

Young Corn - Grant Wood
Nebraska's corn and bean planting is nearly completed. The weather has been warm and dry, facilitating this spring's field work. You can read the seedy details here at the Sioux City Journal. The link on their page to the Nebraska Agricultural Statistics Service wouldn't work for me, but if you can find out anything from their convoluted web site, you are a better internet navigator than I.

For you armchair farmers in the city, you can watch the area corn crop grow at Iowa Farmer Today's Corn Cam. The Corn Cam action is many times more exciting than watching paint dry. Watching the corn that surrounds the Feedlot is much better. For those of you who don't know, the corn in these parts grows almost fast enough to see it move. Sometimes corn will put on as much as 4-5 inches per day. Soybeans grow boringly slow by comparison.

It is still too early to make any sort of sound crop yield predictions for this year, but that doesn't stop commodities traders from trying. Omaha's own DTN has a niche market helping producers and traders see into the future. More progressive, Mother Earth News type farmers and traders might want to try a different form of divination: a corn reading.

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