May 25, 2006

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson's Spaghetti Sauce

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson
Tom Curry, a left-leaning political commentator at MSNBC, tries to make sense out of Nebraska Republicans' stubborn failure to 'vote the party ticket' and instead make up their own minds when voting. The MSM is still reeling (as if anything that happens in Nebraska makes folks in the MSM actually 'reel') over Nebraska Republicans' rejection of Coach Osborne.

The man who will try to unseat Senator Nelson, Pete Ricketts, has money and Republican credentials. But why take a chance that Ricketts will turn out to be another RINO like Chuck Hagel? Senator Hagel makes a better Democrat than a Republican. Ben Nelson's ability to distance himself from the moonbat fringe that seems to dominate the Democrat Party these days, and his steadfast adherence to basic Nebraska values is what keeps him in Washington. Tom Curry writes:
“I’ve made sure the other side doesn’t define me; I define myself,” Nelson said. “I don’t want to ban the Bible; I don’t want to burn the flag; I don’t want to take away the guns; I’m not promoting same-sex marriage; I don’t want to re-write the Pledge of Allegiance; I am not supportive of abortion.”

And these aren’t mere words. Nelson has voted:

  • For Bush’s Supreme Court nominees Samuel Alito and John Roberts;
  • Against every Democratic filibuster of Bush judicial nominees in 2002-2003, except one;
  • For Bush-supported tax cuts in 2001 and 2003;
  • Against a resolution declaring that the Roe v. Wade abortion legalization ruling “secures an important constitutional right” and “should not be overturned;”
  • Against Democrats’ efforts to prevent a Senate floor vote on a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

Two weeks ago, Nelson was one of only three Democrats in the Senate to vote for continuing lower tax rates on capital gains and dividends.

Meanwhile, Chuck Hagel seems to make the news every day with yet another effort to make himself appealing to liberals. I don't trust Nebraska Republicans because of Chuck Hagel. Nebraskans worry that Mr. Ricketts will turn progress-o-lib on us. Then both our Senators would be liberal wussies.

I like Ben Nelson. I think Nebraskans should ignore Ricketts and his money just as they ignored Coach Osborne's slick Washington campaign. If Ricketts thinks the election will be a gimme, just because he is a Republican, he might wind up as surprised as the Coach .
Ben has his own spaghetti sauce, published at Congress Cooks!

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