May 12, 2006

Omaha's footbridge to nowhere: new design approved

Bob Kerrey Footbridge Final Design
Nebraska's own Pork-Barrel Bridge to Nowhere has been subjected to the Plains Feeder's derision before. If you don't know about the Hopalong Bob Kerrey Footbridge, you may read its sordid history here. Evidently, yet another decision on the 'final design' is about to be or has been made. It is difficult to say, given the numerous 'final designs' that have been bandied about over the years. Recent footbridge flap-jaw was engendered by former Nebraska Governor and Senator Bob Kerrey. The retired war criminal says Nebraskans will, "come to love the bridge". Kerrey is believed to have produced this laughable cut of pork just to spite Nebraskans for rejecting his Marxist ideology.

Yup. They'll come to love your bridge all right, Bob. Especially in the wintertime. Nothing like an ear-freezing stroll across the icy river in the howling wind.
Update: Even Mickey at SirPrize is weighing in on the Omaha-Iowa pork bridge.

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