May 04, 2006

Picasso is gone, but Suckerism lives on.

Dora Maar con Gato
Dora Maar with Cat, a painting by Pablo Picasso, has recently been sold for $95 million dollars. This by no means a record price for a painting, but the old feeder thinks it is an awful lot of money for a truly ugly picture that wouldn't fit in behind anyone's sofa. Dora Maar, besides being a bitch and Picasso's main wartime squeeze, was a suckerist photographer. Her photos stink on ice, yet still sell well. Picasso churned out numerous nightmarish paintings and other depictions of her and I wouldn't give you 2 cents for any or all of them.

I'm sure Pablo P is still laughing in the after-life. Suckerism is still big money after all these years.

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