May 20, 2006

Why Fidel Castro might live 140 years

The devil is waiting...
Val Prieto and the freedom loving gang at Babalu Blog are busy with Cuban Independence Day stuff and working the Babalu CubaNostalgia pavilion, so the old feeder has taken up the news story about Fidel's personal doctor, a longevity quack and President of the 120 Years Club, Eugenio Selman-Housein's having pronounced the nasty dictator fit to live to the record-breaking age of 140. How can this be so, you might ask?

Years ago, I recall reading a National Geographic story about longevity. The writers had gone all over the world to interview old-timers to see if there was any common thread to explain their vital persistence. There wasn't one, but the stories were fascinating. One of them stuck in my mind, of an over-100 lady from South America who said she knew why she had lived so long: it was because she had been so wicked that God was taking extra time to punish her in this life before sending her to hell.

If that vieja was right, Fidel Castro may live forever. Say it ain't so!

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