May 18, 2006

Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel shames us again

Updated: Hagel strikes twice in one week! see below

Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel - illegal day legislator
The U.S. Senate has voted to kill the 'Ensign amendment' which would have made the years illegal immigrants worked illegally not count toward qualifying for Social Security benefits. I wasn't even aware that it did. The old feeder is past retirement age and still hasn't accumulated enough years of gainful employment to qualify for Social Security retirement benefits. Piss me off! Why, I worked legally (more or less) for 40 years (off and on). No SS for me. Nation of Laws, my ass.

If you want to know more, you can get the skinny at Michelle Malkin and Power Line, another primo blog. The worst part of it, for us Nebraskans, is that Hot Air reports that our Republican Senator Carlos al-Hagel, was one of 11 Republican Senators voting to defeat this sensible measure. The same "It's Viet-Nam! It's Viet Nam!" Chuck Hagel that has been courting the left of center vote in a bid for the Presidency in '08. It will never happen, Chuck.
Hagel Update: Today Senator Chuck Hagel voted to kill yet another amendment that would have helped discourage illegal immigration: the Kyl amendment to the immigration bill . It would have prevented temporary guest worker visas from becoming permanent. I guess temporary doesn't really mean temporary. Anyhow, Senator Hagel voted with the rest of the amnesty and 'open borders' crowd. Thanks be to AllahPundit 's post at Hot Air.

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