June 19, 2006

It can't be anthropogeneric global warming

Dry Corn at the Feedlot
On the national scene this afternoon, it looks like the bad guys are on the ropes. Jihadis, commies, useful idiots, dupes, moonbats and eco-nuts are having a rough time lately. The Democrat party came out with a cut and run war platform. I can't even hear Senator Chuck Hagel crying "It's Viet-Nam! It's Viet-Nam!" over the fuss about Representative John Murtha's retreat to Okinawa redeployment scheme. Even the

Things are good with the world at large. But, here at the Feedlot, it is too hot and too dry. The corn is starting to roll up its leaves. Al Gore would say it must be anthropogeneric global warming. It can't be just an ordinary geology book climate shift, the sort variously blamed on solar fluctuation, volcanic eruptions, comet or meteor impacts. And it can't be God's wrath, as with Noah, because cats like Al Gore are Godless, no? But mere physics can't take the credit for punishing the human race for their wickedness and greed. Maybe Al believes in some kind of vengeful planetary numen, like a touchy, bitchy Mother Nature. One we could appease. Al doesn't think it is too late for absolution and salvation, does he? Repent! The Heat Wave is near!

To think that this miserable heat and dryness has been caused by people and their wicked, greedy ways is utter bunk. Sure, if you shit where you live, you'll be sorry, but that can't be causing the whole darn world to heat up. The world is still a big place. Believing that we humans, with our barely discernible scratching and fire-making on the surface of the earth could do a job that properly belongs to the sun and our own earth's vast core is the hubris of our age. The most recent example of such thinking was the mistaken belief that an 'all out' nuclear war would destroy life on earth. Same kind of bullshit with no science to support it, only the big scare.

Brueghel the Elder explored earlier examples of human arrogance in myth and from the Bible. This is a good excuse to post two of my favorite paintings:

The Fall of Icarus (big)

The Tower of Babel (big)
How dry is it? Nebraska Governor Heineman has authorized farmers and ranchers to cut hay along the state's roadsides.

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