June 20, 2006

Will George Bush Swat Down Kim Jong Il's Big Dong?

Dear Leader Kim Jong Il in Secret Missile Launch Bunker
St Wendeler at Another Rovian Conspiracy wonders if the US might try out it missile defense goodies soon. Crazy North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Il is giving George and Condi a pretty good excuse. Dear Leader seems ready to test his latest and biggest addition to his Dong series of ballistic missiles. The Japanese are nervous, the ever-hopeful South Koreans are saying it ain't so, even the Arabs think Little Kim is nuts to try this. The headline in Pravda would have you thinking the Koreans are aiming the ICBM right at America.

The US military has gone 'shields up', Secretary of State Rice has said the launch would be considered a "provocative act", even the editorial board of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer advises North Korea: Talk, don't fire. I suppose they mean we should call Madlenka out of retirement.

I'd like to see if our Star Wars stuff really works. If it doesn't we can always send in Madeleine Albright.
Want to read a North Korean blog? Start with Banner Of Songun, which features such riveting posts as "Bush Leading "USA" To Fascism" and "Invincible Anti-imperialist Super Songun Steel Fist". The post titles alone will have you laughing even if you are a progressive or a liberal. Communists, however, will not get a laugh out of this or anything else.

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