June 25, 2006

Khobar Towers - not forgotten

Khobar Damage - 1996 - click for more
The old feeder belongs to the Air Force Association. I'm not generally a joiner, but the AFA has attractive group insurance. I get a supplemental health policy through the AFA, and a very slick monthly magazine, Air Force Times, in the bargain. This month's issue had a great recap of the Khobar Towers truck bomb attack and the ugly blaming and bungling that followed. I made a mental note to blog the anniversary of that grim day. It has been 10 years.

But the world's hardest working blogger, Michelle Malkin, beat me to it. See her excellent Khobar remembrance post here.
For a bit of relief, cop a laugh at this oddball who theorizes that the Khobar blast was caused by a tiny nuclear device!

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