June 26, 2006

Prosecute the Enemy Spies at the New York Times

Our National Dish?
I don't think most folks realize what a tortuous process was involved in the US decision to drop atom bombs on Japan to end WWII. The development of the atom bomb was the one of the biggest secrets America had at that time. Very few in government knew just how powerful our new weapon was, or even that it existed.

Even fewer cats were privy to the fact that we had only been able to produce three devices, and we used up one of them to see if they would work. The US had only two atom bombs left for Harry Truman to use to end the war. When the debate over under what circumstances the A-Bomb might be deployed, (Warn the Japs? Give them a demonstration shot?) our short inventory of these new weapons was the deciding factor not to warn the Japs or give them a 'demo' blast before dropping one on a city.

If the Japanese had known that we only had three nukes, the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have been for naught. The enemy would have fought to the bitter end; hundreds of thousands of our boys might have been killed trying to invade the mainland of Japan. The 'what ifs' are numerous and disturbing.

How might the Japanese enemy have discovered our paucity of nuclear power? Spies of the day like Klaus Fuchs, David Greenglass, Morton Sobell, the Rosenbergs and others appear to have all been working for the Russkies. The Japanese, much like the Germans, were never able to run an effective spy network in the US during WWII. The only way the Japs could have discovered our 'two bomb' secret would be if an American source had spilled the beans. Like the New York Times. Or the L.A. Times.

In those days, no good American newspaper reporter would have dreamed of breaking so devastating a story. Most of them would have reported their 'source' to the authorities immediately. At the very least, they would have sought editorial guidance and consulted with the Truman administration before revealing such a state secret. But not today. The press has become, to their great disgrace, the Mohammedan terrorists' 5th column.

We Americans (along with the rest of the world) would be eating sauerkraut with chopsticks if the press had behaved as seditiously during WWII as they do with such arrogance today. And we will be slaughtered for infidels if we let them keep doing it now. Prosecute them. Throw them in jail. Make examples of them.

Nobody elected the New York Times to do anything for America. Michelle Malkin says we should write to the Department of Justice and ask them to bring charges. Their e-mail address: askdoj@usdoj.gov
Afterthought: These assholes at the NYT and the LAT are the same sort of reporters who wanted to see prosecutions for leakers blowing Valerie Plame's phony-baloney CIA 'cover' go all the way to the top. (Even though any given CIA operative's overt/covert status is established by their boss, the President, and therefore by definition, neither the President nor anyone acting on his behalf can improperly 'out' an agent.) This isn't just bias or hypocrisy or a 'double standard'; it goes far beyond these euphemistic characterizations. It is nothing less than glaring evidence of treason.

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