June 22, 2006

LA Catholics trade kids' safety for Illegal Alien PC

Omaha Pederast Dan Herek
The Catholic dioceses of Los Angeles and Orange County have decided that it is more important to accommodate the concerns of illegal aliens than to protect their kids from criminals, including child-molesters and rapists. The Lunatic Asylum Times reports that the church's child day care centers will not be conducting background checks on walk-in volunteers. Why? Because they are afraid the checks would put off illegal immigrants who might want to volunteer to work with the kids.

These idiot church leaders would sacrifice their parishoner's kids on the altar of Political Correctness and anti-Bushism. Talk about Godless.
The unflattering, but unphotoshopped, photo of former Catholic Priest, convicted child molester and local Omaha pervert Dan Herek is a gratuitous dig at the creep. Since he is back out on the street, he is frequently in the news, none of it good.

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