June 22, 2006

Godless Mythology - Che as mere Icon without substance

Deconstructing the Che Myth
An exhibit at a London museum with an arguably respectable name like The Victoria and Albert dedicated to the Korda photograph of Che Guevara? Yes, the one you see on the tee-shirts of filthy hippies and on the walls of leftie-chic sandalista homes. Thanks to Val Prieto of Babalu Blog for pointing this out a couple of weeks ago, then following up with this post: Godless Mythology.

Val points out the emptiness of the Che myth as embodied by the Korda photo, and links to Academic Elephant's Go-go Che at the V and A. I agree with Val, "I don't think I've read a better breakdown of the reality of Korda's che image."

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