June 28, 2006

A Little Tittle Tattle

Queen of the Sudan in exile Kola Boof
I was reading Tittle Tattle , the Post-Chronicle's entertainment blog and discovered Kola Boof. She is a self-described 'womanist', something I hadn't heard of before. The Tittle-Tattle article was mostly about Kola's new gig writing for the NBC Soap Opera "Days of Our Lives". While her womanism thing is interesting in its own right, what really stands out (besides the obvious) is her life story. For a young lady, Boof has led quite a life.

The oddest part of her bio involves her having been held as a sex slave by none other than Osama bin Laden, who fathered a son with her. How this fits in with the rest of her story is fascinating. Kola was born in that African hell-hole, the Sudan, eventually adopted by an American family and raised in the Anacostia Park neighborhood of Washington D.C., arguably another hell-hole. The old feeder wondered why he hadn't heard of this wild-woman earlier. You have to respect anyone who has earned the ultimate Fatwa from the Mohammedan terrorist crowd.

The photo I selected to illustrate this post wasn't picked for its prurient interest; Kola insists that her publishers depict her bare-breasted on all her books' dust jackets. Makes her look more like the queen of Sheba, I guess, but she says: "I would like to embrace my bare breasts. For they represent Africa to me." I haven't read any of Queen Boof's books, but I just might have to. There are so many really captivating articles about Kola and interviews with her on the 'net, the old feeder spent over an hour Googling her name.

Even her Wiki entry is fraught with controversy: "this article or section may be compromised by 'weasel words'." I'm inspired to write an analysis of the lives of 'women of power' to include a linear life-line comparison between Kola Boof and Hillary R. Clinton. By the time I finish it, no one will remember either of them.

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