June 28, 2006

Serial Killer, Satanist and Illegal Alien Executed

Angel Resendiz
Angel Resendiz thought he was possessed; half angel, half man. He didn't think he could ever die or be killed. Last night, his delusions were dispelled as the State of Texas sent him to his reward. And what a reward must be in store for this Satanic monster! He presents another argument for controlling our borders.

I recall when this nasty cat was riding the rails. Mr. Resendiz (or Resendez), an Undocumented Mexican Guest Serial Killer, travelled across the US by hopping freight trains. He would jump off the train near a populated area, sneak up on and murder some hapless victim, then hop another train to make his getaway. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to his selection of victims.

The old feeder seldom pays much attention to the comings and goings of serial killers in this blog, but Resendez had me worried. The Feedlot is just a stone's throw from the Union Pacific Railroad tracks that cross Nebraska. While Resendez was on his killing spree, I was certain that the creep would choose my place to jump off the train next. I wouldn't mow the grass or operate noisy machinery unless I was packing heat. I didn't want him sneaking up on me.

The Railroad Killer seems to have repented of his wickedness. Just before his execution he said, "I deserve what I am getting," and confessed that he "allowed the devil to rule" his life. Good riddance, or as Wizbang Bomb Squad blogger alwaysontheright put it, "One less illegal alien to deport." I'm just glad he didn't get caught in Nebraska. We would be fattening him up on our death row for the next 30 years.

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