June 14, 2006

More Evidence to Support the PANG Theory

Free Money from the Giver-Mint
The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) trusted hurricane Katrina victims when they handed out FEMA "debit cards". The unfortunate wretches were to use these cards for the emergency at hand: Katrina. The trust was misplaced; much of the money was squandered.

Many folks that got these cards might have just as well gone on a looting spree. Only instead of looting their own neighbors, this time they were looting you, assuming you are a net tax contibutor. To the tune of about a 1.4 Billion Dollars.

Wizbang calls FEMA FUBAR for this revolting development. I'd say their only fault was to trust the folks in New Orleans. It isn't that FEMA is FUBAR, but that People Are No Good. You can't trust them. PANG
But see
: The Lunatic Asylum Times: "obsessing about the spending habits of refugees comes perilously close to blaming the victim." ¡Ai, mi cabeza!

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