June 12, 2006

Women's rights concerns: doctrine before gender?

Butch Cops in Tehran
Enforce Sharia with Phallic Batons

The Main Stream Media has decided to give some attention to the plight of women under Islamic Law or Sharia, covering a gaggle of 'women's rights' ladies getting caned on the street in Tehran. Because the MSM and so-called Women's Rights outfits have consistently chosen to ignore the stultifying oppression of fundamentalist Mohammedan women, I was surprised to see this story being covered by the bastions of leftist bias linked here at all.

Then it jumped out at me: These women getting beaten by the Sharia police were Communists! Guess who they invited to cover their little demo in Iran? The local Tehran Associated Press bureau, naturally.
The protest by about 200 women was organized by a previously unknown group calling itself the Labor and Communist Party. An invitation delivered to The Associated Press on Sunday demanded equal rights for women and the nullification of a law allowing Iranian men to have four wives.
No wonder the MSM has deigned to report this one incident of the kind of treatment fundamentalist Islamic women get dished out to them every day. There is no other reason that the AP would report on a few desperate Mohammedan housewives getting the business for making a fuss. Happens every day in the harem. Or worse.
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