June 12, 2006


Chester A. Riley
The old feeder has never been "tagged". I have seen it done, but I'm one of those cats that breaks chain letters. Now I discover that JB at A Voice for Freedom has tagged me. At least it isn't one of those kind that requires the tagee to give dozens of answers.

The tag requires that I declare "what sitcom character I would like to grow up to be?" Never having considered this before, I had to give it some thought. I'm not apt to 'grow up to be' anything; I'm past grown-up. Taking this into account, I will state which sitcom character I most nearly grew up to be: Chester A. Riley. Specifically, the William Bendix portrayal of him in The Life of Riley TV sitcom.

As I said, I never wished to grow up to be any sitcom personality, let alone Riley. It just turned out that way. I'm not going to reveal the names of the three bloggers I am required to 'tag' with this same question. You know who you are.
In other bloggy matters, here are a couple of blogs that are new to me:

This head-screwed-on-straight Nebraska blog, come what may, is the product of a self defined Gen-X lady, stephanie, who likes C.S. Lewis. Her Macbethic motto: Come what may, time and the hour runs through the roughest day.

Blogata Amata by Jason caught my attention with a great post on the magnificent "Bridge of Love", coming soon to Omaha. The looming Bob Kerrey footbridge to nowhere has peeved me for years.

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