July 28, 2006

Andrea Yates says...

My kids drove me crazy, but I feel better now.
It is hot and humid here at the Feedlot. The old feeder has to work outside today. How humid is it? I have to dust my balls with corn starch to keep things sliding. Between that and the sunscreen slathered on my head, it can be pretty miserable. These conditions cheese up my outlook. People really are no damn good, the news is appalling, and I don't feel much like blogging. For more on the Yates injustice, check out Merri Musings, but, in keeping with today's 'cruel world' theme, her site seems to be unavailable, probably due to yet another Mohammedan hack attack.

The only good news I've seen today comes from Feeder reader Arabella. It seems she is pregnant. On a day like today, all I can say about her blessing is Ma┼čallah.
Here is a recipe well suited for tone of the day: Feedlot White Sauce

Ingredients: butter, corn starch, milk, salt & pepper (optional: used, dried dental floss.)

Start in the morning. Apply several tablespoons of corn starch to your crotch. Work outdoors. When you come in for lunch. use a rubber spatula to scrape the corn starch, now a paste, off your skin. You'll need to recover about a tablespoon. In a saucepan, mix the starch with one cup of milk until smooth and creamy. Add about 2 tablespoons of butter. Stir constantly as you bring the mixture to a boil over medium high heat. Season to taste. Serve as a sauce or use in creamed dishes. For extra flavor, add your used dental floss while heating. In this case, don't forget to strain the floss out before use.


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