July 29, 2006

Don't come to Nebraska

Walk right in, sit right down...
Don't come to Nebraska if you are planning to commit a capital crime. You might have to 'sit right down' in the chair shown above. That is the message the latest Nebraska Supreme Court decision in the Carey Dean Moore appeal regarding our 'cruel and unusual' electric chair sends to the rest of the world. Mr. Moore was sentenced to death decades ago for the cold blooded murders of two Omaha cab drivers. I think Mr. Moore got what he had coming, but politically motivated anti-death-penalty lawyers have kept him from the hot seat for so long most folks have forgotten what Mr. Moore did. Here are the facts of the case, from one of Moore's numerous appeals.
The facts underlying Moore's initial conviction and sentencing in Nebraska state court in 1980 are undisputed and have been repeated, in some form, in no less than eight federal or state appellate court decisions. Briefly, in August 1979. Moore purchased a handgun and set out to rob and kill Omaha cab drivers. Moore carefully planned to select older targets because he thought it would be easier for him to shoot an older man rather than a man nearer his own age. In carrying out this scheme, Moore called several cabs over a period of time and hid while watching them arrive, and depart, if the driver was young. Moore confessed to the police that he felt an older victim would be an easier mark. Using this approach. Moore selectively abducted and murdered cab driver Reuel Eugene Van Ness. Jr. on August 22. 1979. and Maynard Helgeland on August 27, 1979
Chalk one up for law and order here in Nebraska. But you can bet that the anti-death-penalty lawyers, bleeding heart liberals who care not for either Mr. Moore, or the safety of law-abiding Nebraskans, won't give up. They are doctrinaire ideologues who can't get the 'reforms' they want through the democratic process and therefore seek to impose their will upon the rest of us benighted, brutal oafs through the courts.

The next thing we need to do here in Nebraska is to clear the backlog of foul miscreants that has been clogging the pipeline from the courthouse to the old oaken chair for so long. It isn't enough to simply have a death penalty. For it to be effective, by any measure, it must be applied. Otherwise, the bleeding hearts who seek to subvert our laws will have won by default.
Them whose hearts bleed purple kool aid for human garbage like Mr. Moore aren't the only ones with suggestions for changing our state's method of execution. Don't let me stop you from reading Abe's Modest Proposal.

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  1. Michael Eugene Van NessNovember 27, 2011 at 10:51 PM

    Reuel Van Ness was my dad and though he wasn't a very good one he didn't deserve to get shot 6 times with a .22 cal pistol.  How cruel and unusual is it to know that when you arrive at the lake your going to be killed that was what happened to my dad


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