July 31, 2006

Live Death Blogging

Raul Listens for the death rattle
Cuban dictator and communist tyrant fidel castro is possibly dying again. Seems he has developed some well-earned intestinal bleeding. The situation is serious enough that castro has relinquished power to his spry young brother Raul.

Val Prieto at Babalu Blog is ready with his big pot of coffee. He doesn't want to miss his chance for "The Post" that will mark the murdering dog's death. There are rumors and stories leaking out of Cuba to the effect that a popular uprising may be in the works. Perhaps the end of Cuban communism is at hand. What a day that will be! I can't stay up, but I'll be checking for "The Post" first thing in the morning.
One can only wish that whatever is causing the bearded one's stomach bleeding hurts as much as being gut-shot does.
Michelle Malkin has pictures of dancing in the streets in Miami's Little Havana. As Val says, it is a celebration earned with blood and tears.

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