August 01, 2006

Time for Nebraska to Disown Senator Chuck Hagel

Sen. Chuck "Viet-Nam" Hagel
What wakes me up this morning? I expected to hear the happy news that castro is dead. But noooo. What I hear is my bedside radio announcing that Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel (RINO, Neb.) has issued, as KKAR News put it, "a direct challenge to President Bush". Again, he plays into the enemy's hand, pathetically likening the entire Mid-East situation to Viet-Nam, and as much as orders President Bush to stop the awful carnage in the Middle East right now! As if Bush started the problems brave Israel is trying to fix. The Israelis are helping us by fighting these Hezbollah terrorists, so Chuck bites their backs as well.

I'm sure all of this idiocy that Chuck Hagel has been spewing since 9/11 can't be just on account of his unhappy tour in Viet-Nam. I used to think it was, and have said so here in the Plains Feeder repeatedly. And it can't be just Hagel's selfish desire to win the Republican nomination to run for the White House in '08. The polls should have disabused him of that fantasy some time ago. No, I think Senator Hagel has turned his coat. He is fighting for the other side, and I don't mean just the Democrats. He is sowing defeatist doubts.

Nebraskans need to make it clear that we don't support Senator Chuck Hagel in his treacherous undermining of our President's foreign policy. We don't want folks in the rest of the nation thinking we are as stupid and duplicitous as Chuck Hagel.

It's time for Nebraska to disown Chuck Hagel.
What next, Senator Hagel? Will you start burning the flag?
Addendum: Constance Cumbey blogs about "Chuck Hagel’s long time and seemingly close relationship with Javier Solana". This link with the one-world, pinko Mr. EU is one of those things Chuck doesn't brag about when he puts on his work shirt and boots to visit his constituents. This is a juicy but disturbing post. Be sure to read the far-out comments.

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