July 01, 2006

Nebraska's Deadbeat Dads Hopeful

For a minute last week it looked like a hacker might have swiped data from the Nebraska child support system's server. I'll bet there were numerous shiftless, irresponsible sperm donors who happily thought they might be getting off the hook. Now it seems the hacker attack was either just 'vandalism' or an attempt to steal personal data that was foiled.

Nebraska State Treasurer Ron Ross says he doesn't think the "personally identifiable information on 300,000 people and 9,000 employers, including names, addresses, Social Security and federal tax ID numbers, and bank information" was stolen. But I'm always suspicious when the state tells me not to worry.

In the worst case scenario, a few honest employers who collect Nebraska child support for the state might have been compromised. As for the deadbeat dads that might get robbed as a result of this incident, I have a hard time caring about their woes. Just so they don't get 'off the hook' for their genetic obligations.

Now the local authorities must lay the blame. The finger pointing and recriminations are just getting started.

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