July 21, 2006

Ricketts: Taxes More Important Than War

Ben Nelson
One more reason Pete Ricketts won't take Senator Ben Nelson's seat in the Senate: his perception of our values is flat wrong. He actually thinks Nebraskans are more concerned about taxation than we are about winning the war on terror.

Here's the deal, Pete. If the Mohammedan Jihad isn't defeated, we will be paying taxes to the new Caliph. I suppose you think that would be OK with us Nebraskans as long as the taxes levied by the Caliph were lower that what we pay now?

We need to keep Ben Nelson in the Senate.
Nelson is for a strong America, no matter what the threat, even when it is from the leftist UN. Ben has cast his Senate vote in support of President Bush more than 85% of the time. This is the highest percentage of pro-Bush votes for any Democrat in the Senate. He's there even when the RINOs aren't.

He votes his mind, winning the Right to Lifer's endorsement despite pressure brought to bear on the Nebraska chapter from the Republican Party, and despite pressure from his own party to conform to their anti-life platform. Ben opposes that enemy of the family farm and small business, the death tax, which the Democrat party loves for its socialist levelling effect and its net result of creeping Stalinesque land reform.

The list of reasons to trust Ben Nelson goes on and on. Pete Ricketts has nothing to show but his money and goofy ideas like taxes being more important to us that the war on terror.

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