July 22, 2006

Israel Attacks Hezbollah in Lebanon as US Media Spies for the Enemy

I have NO sympathy for these idiots!
and publishing pictures of them wailing won't change my mind
I see that Israeli tanks, after days of massing along the Lebanese border are starting to roll. I thought to do a bit of a Plains Feeder Supports Enthusiastically Encourages Israel blog post. What was needed was a good photograph of the heroic Israeli tankers attacking.

Not surprisingly, the pictures I found all seemed to be of Mohammedans weeping and wailing. The same Mohammedan enemies who made the invasion necessary. The Media has become agents of the enemy. They give us enemy propaganda instead of news, they act like camp-followers to the enemy, and they publish the criminal leakings of traitors. M. Malkin notes the New York Times supplying the enemy with secret logistical information garnered from their network of leakers (read: spies). She uses an example the old feeder blogged last month: the atom bomb secrets in WWII.

It is becoming serious. The American media is abusing their freedom of the press. Because it is not our way to allow the government to tell them to get with the program, it is up to us. We are the ones who consume their product; we have economic and free speech powers of our own. If we can't get them to stop aiding and abetting the enemy with letters to advertisers, complaints to the editors, channel changing and subscription cancelling, then maybe some of these cats aren't just aiding the enemy, but actually are the enemy.

Just because the Constitution forbids the government from effectively pressuring the media doesn't mean that you and I cannot. Lean on the media. Call them out. If that fails, we can boycott the bad guys.

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