August 06, 2006

Fake Reuters News Photo

The Zionists are Destroying Peaceful Lebanon
Everybody is blogging about the doctored photo published by Reuters wire service. Adnan Hajj, previously involved in staging the Qana kiddie killings photo-op for Hezbollah, isn't just some rogue Reuters photog with a hair up his ass about Israel's existence. It is, in my opinion, merely a more obvious element in a generalized scheme by the so-called mainstream media to propagandize their anti-semitic and anti-zionist agenda. In the past, we only caught the extreme examples of such distortions and untruths. Like Dan Rather's 'fake but accurate' stories about Bush's service record.

The Blogosphere has been pretty good at ferreting out examples of these attempts to sway US public opinion through doctored photographs, phony documents and outright lies. Here are some of the heavyweights that have chimed in to expose and condemn Reuters for their latest botched propaganda effort:
Exposing these treacherous propagandists posing as photojournalists and reporters is important work. The International news media has become a threat to our intelligent exercise of democracy. I say flush them out, try them as spies or enemy agents, and punish them severely. What Reuters and others are doing isn't protected free speech, but are acts of war.
In the Feed Trough: see photoshopped nukes strike Lebanon!

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