August 06, 2006

Çöp Şiş at the KABOB-fest

Çöp Şiş
Check out KABOBfest, an Arab-American blog. They don't think anyone in the press might be biased against Israel. Any more than they are, at least. This blog sounds more like Çöp Şiş to me. I'll go back for more, just as I would give any restaurant a second try. KabobFest seems to have numerous contributors, maybe it was just the main cook's day off. Anyhow, what I had was seasoned with too much Bush conspiracy theory and served in an overly anti-Israeli atmosphere.
Çöp Şiş, (chirp sheesh) means "trash on a stick". They are miniature Sheesh Kabobs sold by sidewalk grillers. Whereas a kabob (or kebob or kebap) is a good sized chunk of meat, Çöp Şiş is made with little tiny scraps of mutton skewered with chunks of mutton fat on a small skewer.
Can't see Turkish letters? Click here.

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