August 17, 2006

Karr: If the DNA doesn't match, lock him up anyhow

John Mark Karr
Could it be this wack-job perv in the news just got tired of life on the lam from his kiddy porn charges and didn't have the money for a plane ticket back to the US? So he confesses to the JonBenet Ramsey killing to ensure a comfy trip? Anything is possible.

There is talk of a false confession and perhaps an alibi. It is my understanding that skin and 'other tissues' left behind at the JonBenet Ramsey murder scene will allow for a test that could corroborate Mr. Karr's confession. We don't convict cats here solely on the basis of a confession or allocution. There must be some other evidence that supports guilt. The DNA is the key.

The title says: If the DNA doesn't match, lock him up anyhow, and I mean just that. He needs to face the consequences of his arrest for child pornography in Sonoma County California, where he was teaching school. In spite of this cat's small stature and wimpy appearance, he is a dangerous predator. He may be presumed innocent until proved guilty, but we don't have to presume him harmless.
Update: Read some of Karr's odd-ball e-mails to University of Colorado professor Michael Tracey, courtesy RMN.

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