July 15, 2006

'Too Short for Jail' Molester Gets Class III Sex Offender Rating

Update: Sentence Upheld - 7/18/07

Richard Thompson: 5' 2" with neck outstretched
Richard Thompson, the short child molester from Sidney, Nebraska that Cheyenne County Judge Kristine Cecava pronounced 'too short for prison' was back in the news last week. The news wasn't good, it shows our criminal justice system's inability to deal with the problem of child sex abuse. Our system's catch and release program does the same thing for child molesters as catch and release fishing does for fish: increases their numbers.

Last week the Nebraska State Patrol finished their legally mandated evaluation and classification of Mr. Thompson's sex offender status. Their conclusion: Thompson is a Class III sex offender, at the greatest for becoming a repeat offender. I'd say that makes him too dangerous for the streets.

As you may recall, folks were disgusted with Judge Cecava's sympathy for this low criminal. She was afraid he might be picked on in prison because he was so short. Wah, wah. So the creepy child molester is out on the street. Maybe he will move to your town, get a place near where you live.

At least the sex offender label will follow him as long as he doesn't skip out on his court paper and go underground, as some sex offenders have done. The unpleasant juxtaposition of Judge Cecava's decision to leave this cat free to prowl with last week's Class III determination has got even the national news pointing out how stupid this case has made us Nebraskans look.

At least his mug will be enshrined on the internets at the Nebraska State Patrol Sex Offender Registry. I guess that is a good thing.
Bass Ackwards Blogging Addendum: Merri alredy posted her musings on this story, see: “Small Sex Offender Listed As Big Risk”. She nutshells the case better than I did. I don't know how I missed her post. Probably reading the Rachel Ray stuff there.

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