August 09, 2006

President Bush's head on a stick

Kabobfest Logo: western leaders beheaded, skewered
In a previous post I introduced Plains Feeder readers to an Arab-American blog, KabobFest. I don't much care for their adulation of Hezbollah or their other borderline Jihadi hijinks. This is America, and we can pretty much say and blog as we please. Even enemy sympathizers get their say if they want.

In the comments, I mentioned that the masthead logo (above) for KabobFest suggested beheading the leaders of western civilization. Not that I care if these wannabe Arabists want to crack tough as they blog safely from their homes in America, but the idea is certainly tasteless. Little did I know just how tasteless until I snooped around the internets to find the original 'Sheesh Kabob' picture these clowns used to photoshop up their logo. Here it is:

Click photo for full-size view
Talk about tasteless! They used an illustration from a web site advertising, of all things, meatless meat kabobs! What could be worse than soybeans posing as meat? Ugh! Maybe they are vegetarian Jihadists, Maybe they just liked the chewed-down fingernail on the thumb holding President Bush's head in the picture. Like I said, tasteless.

Blow-up: President Bush's head skewered on a stick!
I wonder what Heartline Meats and the Whole Earth Vegetarian Catalog, who put up the original picture, think of their picture being hijacked for an Arabist blog logo? I'll bet they are sympathetic if not connected to the kids at KabobFest. After all, what kind of people think you will pay $7.00 a pound for fake hamburger made out of soybeans?

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