August 27, 2006

Scorpios get screwed

We live in a planetary universe and on a beautiful planet that most of us want to enjoy and suffer upon for as long as we can. Liking planets so well western astrologers sliced us into twelve groups and gave each group their own planet. Not everyone got their own. Gemini and Virgo had to share Mercury, and Taurus and Libra had to share Venus. Scorpio used to have to share Mars with Aries. It took the scorpions a long time to be able to claim Pluto as their own.

For the Romans Pluto was lord of the Underworld.If you know any Scorpios very well you can make up your own stories. Recently some astronomers took Pluto off the planetary A-team and reclassified it as a "dwarf planet", something they're thinking of doing with Neptune so you Pisces types better be on your toes. I've got a feeling this reclassification business could bother the Pisces people somewhat more than the Scorpio's, most of who wouldn't give a shit what astronomers do.

I'm a Virgo. A few years ago astrologers decided we had a small rock called Vulcan (Roman god of fire and volcanoes) somewhere close to Mercury that said more about who we are than the excessively verbose and literate Mercury that we had to share with Gemini. If you think this blog is too long it would probably be much longer if composed by a Gemini. Lucky for us the astronomers haven't been able to find the planet Vulcan so they won't be trying to screw us out of our rightful mythology like they're doing to Scorpio's.

I'm just doing this to help PT. If he sees that I'm doing an astrology post he'll get right to work and bury it as quickly as he can. I wonder what the old feeder's sign is....

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