August 26, 2006

Back at the Feedlot

West Lake Okoboji - Dry Dock Lounge Webcam
I'd like to say I was refreshed from a week of ogling girls on the beach at the Iowa Great Lakes, or taking classes at the University of Okoboji, but the old feeder spent most of the time visiting relatives and conspiring with DadGum.

I was there for my Dad's birthday. I won't say how old the cat is, but Plains Feeder readers know I'm no spring chicken and my Dad is, needless to say, somewhat older. He and my lovely step-Mom golf by day and crawl the resort area clubs by night. I can't keep up with them.

DadGum and I had a plan to salvage some corrugated steel sheathing from an old wooden grain elevator scheduled for demolition in nearby Spencer, Iowa. I need the stuff to keep the rats and skunks from getting into my house, having run out of old license plates to nail over the holes. The old building stunk so bad from rotting grain that we put off the job until it was too late.

The grass/weeds here at the feedlot kept growing while I was away, and the garden is producing peppers faster than I can pickle them, so I have my work cut out for me. I'm hoping to get caught up in a few days and be able to post more regularly. Its good to be home.

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