August 30, 2006

There ought to be a law!

America - where everything is obese - click
What pops into the old feeder's in-box this morning? A press release generated 'news story' from the Atlanta Journal on how fat Americans have become. The story originates with the Trust for America's Health's annual report entitled: F as in Fat: How Obesity Policies are Failing in America, 2006. The Trust's web site even has an interactive map allowing lazy local reporters to produce 'news' stories customized for their state. Here is Nebraska's Fat Report.

Washington D.C. is chock full of Foundations, Trusts and Associations, most of them scheming and plotting to get more laws passed. They are all lobbyists of one sort or another. This might be a good thing, inasmuch as these outfits keep thousands of lawyers occupied except for the negative effect on liberty these machinations create.

We don't hear from the Trust for America's Health but once a year. Like most of these D.C. "there ought to be a law" organizations, their name makes them sound like they are innocuous, maybe even good. Who isn't in favor of a healthy America? But, like the rest of these playgrounds for liberal lawyers, the net effect they desire is the communist enslavement of us all. Sound drastic? Read on.

These people really don't care a rat's ass for you or your health. What they are really promoting is nationalized health care. They don't come right out and say it, but that is the net result. Why would the government care if you are fat or not? Only if you look to the government to take care of you when your heart, back and knees shell out, or you need your legs cut off from your obesity induced diabetes. The more our "health care system" becomes nationalized and ruled by laws instead of reason, the less freedom we enjoy.
Think HillaryCare. Imagine a US Dietary Code and the shelves of regulations emanating therefrom. What makes anyone think America needs a 'health care system' anyway? Isn't our health our own responsibility? I think free enterprise can easily solve the problems caused by obesity. We don't need more government control over our everyday lives.
California needs only Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature to adopt state-wide HillaryCare. HT: Ed at Captain's Quarters.

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