August 29, 2006

News Stories Fizzle

The Quest for Used Corrugated Steel Ends
The old elevator from which DadGum and the old feeder were going to try to salvage some old-fashioned corrugated steel has been demolished. We inspected the site and sought out the owners. While we sat and schemed how we might go about the job, the owners demolished it. End of story.

Eyes on Karr - Click
Creepy pervert John Mark Karr turns out not to be the murderer of JonBenet Ramsey. Is anyone surprised? Now he faces misdemeanor kiddy porn charges in California.

The blowing of the cover of CIA secret agent super-spy Valerie Plame turns out to be a non-story. All that liberal howling about Bush trying to stick it to clueless Joe Wilson and his fake spy wife was for naught. No story here, only lies and fake news. Plame-gate, my butt.

At least you can be happy that you aren't Mary Lacy, the prosecutor who brought Kreepy Karr all the way from Thailand on the basis of no evidence at all. She isn't going to back down. I wonder if she got her sex-change surgery in Thailand?

Mary Lacy: "not embarrassed"
I'll bet she didn't. Boulder, Colorado is so liberal that the public employees' health plan no doubt covers gender reassignment. In either case, Ms. Lacy should get her money back.

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