September 23, 2006

Bad Spinach and Biological Warfare

Rare sighting of non-Mexican spinach picker
The tainted spinach mini-crisis that sickened scores of folks, (and may have killed a few) all across America, seems to have subsided. I wonder if this incident wasn't a test to determine how quickly a biological warfare agent could be disseminated by terrorists. What if it had been a more lethal agent than E-Coli?

Who would be conducting such a test? Your guess is as good as mine. Our government has tested biologicals on unwitting Americans in the past. The UN is interested. Our Mohammedan fanatic enemies certainly have a motive to know how effectively a nasty biological could be distributed across our populace. Even if they didn't actually cause this E. Coli outbreak, you can be sure they are watching the way the spinach problem is playing out.

Be aware. Be careful.
Addendum: The second annual International Symposium on Agroterrorism convened this week in Kansas City, Missouri. I'm confident that the spinach vector will be discussed.

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