September 10, 2006

Bill Clinton's 9/11

Then I would have...
What a despicable character. Here is a cat caught lying under oath expecting everyone to believe his lies now. He has no sense of shame. I think we should be more likely to believe the upcoming (?) ABC show, The Path to 9/11, on the facts leading up to the WTC and Pentagon attacks than this miserable sinverguenza.
Update: (Monday 9/11/06) ABC, to their credit, didn't "pull" the show, as Sandy Berger had insisted. I didn't feel like watching it last night. I taped it and watched it this morning , so I didn't have to watch the network TV but-monkeys' grudging coverage of the various memorial observances. it was watchable, but not great TV. I'll reserve judgment on The Path to 9/11 until I have seen it all.

Rush Limbaugh suggested today that ABC/Disney should quickly release a DVD box set with the show as it aired on TV last night, together with the uncut preview that was provided to A-list media types and others. Rush claims the producers distributed 900 copies, and said that if they don't release it will certainly be pirated on the internets.
Update: Read about the minor redactions made to The Path to 9/11, and this telling comment from 9/11 Commissioner John Lehman, "The Republicans have lived with Michael Moore and Oliver Stone and most of Hollywood as a fact of life."

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