September 09, 2006

Kick Fidel Castro while he is down

Remember when Dick Nixon said the press wouldn't have him to kick around anymore? Saying it didn't make it so for Tricky Dick; he went on to be President and got kicked around a great deal more.

You must know that Fidel Castro has been ill with bleeding ulcers or some such, and that I and everyone else who isn't a communist have been wishing him the worst. All I can do from here is to revile him, to kick him at a distance though this blog, in the hopes that the bad vibes generated thereby will help kill him.

I can sense that soon, very soon, we wont have the murdering communist Cuban dictator to kick around anymore. So we must kick him now! Here is how you can help:

Val Prieto of Babalu blog started a caption contest a few days ago for this picture. The old feeder likes to photoshop a bit, and one of my efforts follows:

Or maybe: "Gusano proofing. I'll want that option"
Cop a laugh at the old tyrant's expense while he can still feel it! Check out the other hilarious suggestions at Babalu, add one of your own . There won't be many more opportunities to beat this mule before it is dead.

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