September 13, 2006

Grain Farmers - always something to complain about

Big Crop - Big Picker
America's grain farmers, God bless 'em, figure that any crop news is bad news. The latest crop estimates indicate a bigger than expected harvest this year. We suffered through some nasty drought conditions, but late rains proved to be a spoiler.

A spoiler, you ask? You might think a good harvest prediction would make farmers happy. not so. The good news about the coming harvest is really bad news for many Nebraska grain farmers. This seems counter intuitive, but much of farming in today's market is counter-intuitive. The government has so many fingers in the agricultural pie that the 'invisible hand' of Adam Smith can't move prices freely. In this case, the better the crop, the less government drought assistance will be forthcoming from Washington.

Says the Lincoln Journal: "The outlook for the nation’s corn and soybean crops is good enough it may hurt the effort in Congress to spend billions of dollars in drought aid." Is it any wonder that grain farmers are always crying about imminent ruin? Nothing in the farm economy makes sense unless you are Mike Johanns. Federal government choices, (socialist economic choices, if you ask me) made during and after the Great Depression have condemned the farmer to cursing a bumper crop and hoping to profit from disaster.

Let the state run the world and the world will be stood on its head in short order. Marxist thought stinks on ice.

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